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Cast Iron Pipes & Fittings

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Product description
Key features

Product description

Binex cast iron pipes and fittings are essential infrastructural elements in residential and commercial building design. Our cast iron soil pipes serve in sanitary, storm drain, waste-line and vent-line applications across the world – and can be found in hospitals, schools, stadiums, government buildings and residential complexes. We offer a full range of hub less cast iron soil pipes in a variety of diameters, supplemented by extra heavy cast and heavy duty pipes and fittings for industrial applications. All our cast iron products meet ASTM criteria. We also offer a range of plumbing and drainage fittings in iron and stainless steel.

Key features

Types (Product)

  • No-Hub (Hubless)
  • Service Weight
  • Extra Heavy Cast
  • Double-Hub


  • No Hub: 2" to 15"
  • Extra Heavy Cast: 2" to 15"
  • Double-Hub: 2" to 4"

Standard Compliance

  • No-Hub: ASTM A888
  • Service Weight: ASTM A74

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