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A Comprehensive Product Offering For Every Requirement

The Binex range of adhesives and specialty adhesives lead the industry across residential, commercial and industrial projects across the Middle East. Our line of adhesives range from general purpose bonding agents to those carefully calibrated for specific applications.

The Binex adhesive line works on a wide variety of material – such as wood, metal, leather, rubber or foam. Our adhesives and specialty adhesives come in a variety of bonding strengths, resistance to heat and chemicals, curing time, and coverage, and are divided into indoor and outdoor products. From contact adhesives in tubes and sprays to wood glues and flexible polymers, the Binex adhesive range holds the industry together.

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Building Chemicals

Water Proofing, Epoxy, Sealants, Surface Treatments, Adhesives

Finishing Products

Gypsum Boards, Cement Boards, Ceiling Tiles, Steel Profiles, Filler Boards, Insulation, etc.

Tools & Accessories

Power Tools, Hand Tools, Anchors & Fasteners, Drills, Grinding

Water Services

Electric Water Heaters, Drains, Cast Iron Ducts, Interceptors, Valves, 
Tile Pipes/Fittings, Water Hammer Arrestors, etc.

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