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Angle Grinders

Available brands - DEWALT
Product description
Key features

Product description

From a portable 730 Watts to a heavy-duty 2600 Watts, Binex’s range of specialised side and disc grinders offer handheld portability for the most demanding of applications. Ideal for grinding and polishing, Binex angle grinders translate years of innovation into high performance in the field. Effective ventilation design reduces motor heat for longer peak performance, while ergonomic design increases user comfort and productivity. Meanwhile, an array of types and models lets our clients choose the right tool for the job time and again.

Key features

Types (Product)

  • Bench Grinders
  • Heavy Duty Large Angle Grinders
  • Paddle Switch Grinders
  • Slide Switch Die Grinders
  • Small Angle Grinders

Sizes (Dimensions)

  • 100 mm
  • 115 mm
  • 125 mm
  • 180 mm
  • 230 mm

Sizes (Power)

  • 730 Watts
  • 800 Watts
  • 900 Watts
  • 1250 Watts
  • 1400 Watts
  • 1700 Watts
  • 2200 Watts
  • 2400 Watts
  • 2600 Watts

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