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Raised Floor Systems

Available brands - PANELWAY
Product description
Key features

Product description

An integral part of contemporary interior design, raised floor systems create an elevated structural floor with space underneath to house mechanical and electrical services and HVAC ducts. Our raised floor systems comprise panels on a grid help securely by adjustable vertical supports that offer several configuration options for raising and lowering elevated floors. Meanwhile, the Binex range of floor panels fit onto our grid configurations and supports to delivers excellent rigidity, durability and acoustic performance combined with exceptional finishing. Our suppliers prefer high-density particle board cores enclosed by PVC trips and galvanized steel sheets covering top and bottom for maximum performance and durability.

Key features

Types (Product)

  • Bare Finished Cementitious Panels
  • HPL/Vinyl Finished Cementitious Panels
  • HPL/Vinyl Finished Wood Infill Panels
  • Perforated Raised Floor Systems

Sizes (Height)

  • 50 mm to 1500 mm

Standard Compliance

  • BS EN12825

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