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Anchors & Fastners

Available brands - Dewalt, Fischer
Product description
Key features

Product description

The Binex range of anchors comprises mechanical as well as chemical anchors. Our high-quality mechanical anchor portfolio includes screw anchors, expansion anchors, under-cut anchors, nail anchors and rod hanging systems – giving contractors the freedom they need to match anchor products to a specific application. Our chemical anchor range is designed by the world’s most innovative and quality-conscious brands, and include injection system anchors, glass capsule anchors, adhesive sealants, expansion foam and a variety of adhesive accessories. They are industry favourites when concrete and similar substrates need to be fixed, and offer more flexibility than mechanical anchoring techniques. Binex also offers a line of direct fastening tools that are gas or powder-actuated. They also come in cordless electric varieties.

Key features

Types (Product) - Mechanical

  • Bold & Shield Anchors
  • Cast-In Place Anchors
  • Expansion Anchors
  • Impact Anchors
  • Nail Anchors
  • Pin Anchors
  • Rod Hanging System
  • Screw Anchors
  • Under Cut Anchors

Types (Product) - Chemical

  • Adhesive Accessories
  • Adhesive Sealants
  • Expansion Foam
  • Glass Capsule Chemical Anchors
  • Injection System Chemical Anchors

Types (Product)

  • Cordless Direct Fastening
  • Powder Actuated Direct Fastening
  • Gas Direct Fastening

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