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JOSAM ( USA ) ::

For nearly a century, Josam has been quietly working its magic largely out of sight, under floors, roofs and behind walls to ensure that everything drains smoothly. From cast iron to PVC to SMC/GRP, polymer concrete and stainless steel, Josam products are well known to owners, architects, plumbing engineers, mechanical contractors and plumbing wholesalers throughout the world.



Bradford White is one of the largest and oldest water heater manufacturers in US. Probably the least expensive tank-type water heaters to purchase and install, electric-powered models are a favorite with builders and installers in areas where alternative fuel sources are unavailable. The company produces various types of water heaters including natural gas, electric, propane and heating oil-powered models. The lineup includes some high-efficiency and Energy Star models. The company also produces a line of natural gas and propane-powered tankless water heaters known as EverHot, as well as storage tanks for solar water heaters.


BLÜCHER ( Germany ) ::

Over the past 45 years the BLÜCHER name has grown to be synonymous with the production and delivery of quality stainless steel drainage products and systems. Customers the world over appreciate the know-how, dedicated service and their unique brand of common sense. BLÜCHER is headquartered in Denmark. The first subsidiary was established in England in 1978, with subsequent subsidiaries in Germany, France, Norway and Sweden. More recently, BLÜCHER expanded into North America opening offices in Spindale, North Carolina and Burlington, Ontario. The North American operations continue the tradition of craftsmanship, superior quality and ease of doing business that the BLÜCHER name is known for.



Crescent Foundry is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of grey and ductile iron manhole covers, frames and gratings from India. Exporting to over 32 countries Crescent Foundry’s products are used in sectors such as Municipal, Decorative, Airport/Port/Telecom, Agricultural, Automotive, Construction Equipment (Counterweights for tractors and wheel loaders), Elevator (Counterweights) etc. They also fabricate steel products and provide customized solutions for foundry, plastics and fabrication products.


.        WADE ( UK ) ::

Having over 45 years experience in the industry, Wade is established as a leading manufacturer of quality drainage products. Much of the success of the company is attributable to an ongoing commitment to put technology to practical use, to generate fresh ideas and to guarantee quality assured production. Wade manufactures a comprehensive range of drainage products to address a myriad of applications.  



The company engages in engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of industrial thermoplastic pipe, valves, and fittings for a variety of applications in the commercial, industrial and residential markets. Products include PVC, CPVC, PP (for industrial applications and drainage), PVDF for drainage, PP Beta and ABS.

A secure supply of clean water is becoming one of the crucial challenges of this century. GF Piping Systems meets this worldwide demand by providing safe, corrosion-free plastic piping systems with over 40,000 products for diverse applications and specialized markets: jointing technology, fittings, valves, measuring devices, pipes for water conveyance and treatment as well as for transport of liquids and gases for industrial purposes.


PPP ( USA ) ::

Precision Plumbing Products, located in Portland, Oregon continues a long tradition of growth through product expansion, customer loyalty and a long-standing partnership with their manufacturing representatives. Known for providing the most innovative and technically superior products,  Precision Plumbing Products plans new product designs in the fluid Pressure Balancing/Thermostatic arena, Floor Drain Trap Priming field, and Electronic fresh water manifold product lines.



Mueller Co. is equipped and standing by to support customer needs for low-lead brass service products (commonly referred to as “no-lead”). Mueller offers the environmental advantages of low-lead products without sacrificing the quality you have come expect. Whether it’s ball valves or ground key, corporation, meter or curb valves, or any of the hundreds of brass fittings listed in the catalog, the low-lead products you need are available from Mueller. Only materials that comply with ANSI/AWWA C800 with a maximum lead content of .25% by weight are used in Mueller low-lead products.



The Harris Products Group is a world leader in design, development and manufacture of cutting, welding, brazing, soldering alloys and equipment as well as gas distribution systems. Demonstrating a commitment to stewardship of the global environment, these facilities are also ISO 14001 certified for environmental management systems and ISO 9001 certified for quality management systems.



Multikwik was one of the first companies to support the use of plastics in plumbing. The innovative EVA WC connectors first introduced to the UK by Multikwik, provided plumbers a solution to a long standing plumbing problem. All WC connectors are made to fit pans conforming to BS5503 and BS5504 standards.



Bailey Peerless was formed in 2000 with the merging of Bailey Brothers and Peerless Stampings, both companies having a history stretching back over 70 years in the manufacturing of quality brass products. In 2001 the business was acquired by Carro EMS Limited who are a member of The Marmon Group of companies. Bailey manufacture a wide range of products from the blue poly drain rods, drain dye's, a wide range of drain test plugs in brass or plastic to chimney sweeping heads, all ideal for the professional tradesman or the most enthusiastic Diyers. Both the Bailey and Peerless range of products can now be supplied as a package with the advantage of reduced administration and handling; drain equipment, also kitchen and bath waste fittings.




The faucets which have been made by price Pfister are one of the best faucets in the market today. The price Pfister is the leading company of plumbing business which has been providing the services in Unites States and around from about ninety years, and today this has become a brand which has been trusted and recommended by several construction companies. This company has not only provided the kitchen faucets, but the product line has been very vast and covers most of the home improvement products like: bathroom products, faucets and accessories, kitchen faucets and other add on. Other than the best faucets and other products provided by this company, the price Pfister has been very famous for taking care of its consumer and making the products by looking into their desires and values.



ACO (Germany) ::

ACO is internationally synonymous for surface drainage systems. ACO Drain is the market leading modular grated trench drain system and is ideal for a great number of commercial and industrial applications varying from simple streetscapes to expansive airport tarmacs. ACO Drain systems consist of factory manufactured channel units made from corrosion resistant polymer concrete, and grates made from a variety of materials for all loading applications. ACO Drain systems are available in a number of widths up to 300mm. For some systems, channels can be assembled to produce sloped runs, ideal for drainage of flat pavements.



BINEX DRAINS manufactures a comprehensive range of drainage products to address a myriad of applications. plated brass, stainless steel, and gold plated. These products are of superior quality and are competitively priced.


RIYADH FOUNDRY ( Saudi Arabia ) ::

Riyadh Foundry is fully Saudi owned and produces grey cast iron castings as well as non-ferrous castings in Aluminum and copper alloys, bronze and brass. Cast and ductile iron covers and frames, gulleys and channel gratings, catch basin and gratings for tree protection are some of the grey cast iron products. The products are of good quality and approved by Aramco for use in their projects.



Established 75 years ago, to supply Shell Petroleum with Gas Air Tight Inspection Covers (GATIC), Elkington Gatic is renowned for supplying innovative access and drainage system to the industry.














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