Engineered Speciality Jointing Products ::

Bitumen Impregnated Filler Boards
Resin Bonded Cork Board
Geo Textile Membranes; Typar : Polypropylene Geo Textile Fabric and Filler membrane
Clay Roofing Tiles
Expansion Joints
Lintels  : Catnic UK



Direct Sales for manufacturers or Bulk sales from Binex to Traders ::

George Ficher USA : for natural poly propylene pipe and fittings
George Ficher : Fuseal II Flame retardant Poly propylene pipes & fittings
Bradford White water heaters
Jamil Enterprises
Pakistan for stainless steel and chrome plated floor drain and clean out
Ningbo China for fiber glass mesh tapes
Global Fastners Ltd Dubai for Drywall Screws
Laticrete Binachem
Ardex Binachem



Cover Flooring & Accessories ::

Carpet flooring : PVH from Belgium and CCTTC from China

Rubber flooring : REMP & Artigo from Italy

Raised/Access Flooring : RFT (China) & Jansen ( Belgium)

Wooden Flooring : Classen (Germany) & BBL ( China)

Vinyl Flooring : Gamrat (Poland)

Sports Flooring

Dural Accessories










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